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Repairs & Restorations

Both of our locations have full-service, in-house repair, restoration, and instrument-making facilities. Stop in or call to speak to one of our highly trained and skilled luthiers. Some of the most common services and repairs we provide for violin, viola, cello, and bass include:

  • Bow re-hairs
  • New bridge and sound post fitting
  • Expert tonal adjustments
  • Peg box bushing and peg replacement
  • Fingerboard resurfacing¬†
  • Fingerboard replacement
  • Crack and seam repairs
  • Appraisals

We also offer custom-made instruments, full restorations, and varnish work.  All of our services are done in a prompt manner relative to the size and complexity of the repair. We also offer appointments for while-you-wait installation of strings, tailpieces, and chin rests, as well as a number of other repairs and services for your instrument.