Valenzano 15.5″ Viola (1790)


Antique 15.5″ viola made by Italian maker, Giovanni Valenzano.


A very fine and rare 15.5″ viola made by master 18th century Italian artisan Giovanni Batista Valenzano, a member of the famed Tyrolean school of violin makers. This instrument is dated 1790 and is still in perfect working order and excellent condition. Played by numerous professionals in orchestras around the world, including Balilla Luzi (former principal violist of the famous Teatro Colon Orchestra in Buenos Ares, Argentina), and Juan Carlos Siviero (former principal violist of the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra), this viola is a rare gem and an amazing addition to any collection. It must be seen in person to truly be appreciated, and is on display at our Orlando location. Come in and hold an example of some of the best 18th century Italian craftsmanship still available and playable today.


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