Red Silk Violin Strings



Red Silk



Red Silk Violin Strings have an advanced synthetic gut that when combined with our special string winding process, produces a robust warm sound that feels great under the hand. Teachers prefer these easy-to-play strings for their great sound and low cost. Red Silk strings offer excellent sound and ease of playability that steel core strings can’t offer.


  • Excellent sound at low cost
  • Advanced synthetic gut provides power, warmth and playability
  • Good tuning stability
  • Soft under fingers
  • long lifespan
  • Preferred by teachers
  • Draws big sound
  • Low tension




Q: Is there a color standard for each string?

A: Yes. E-yellow A-blue D-Red G-Yellow 

Q: Is this a good string set for beginners?

A: This is a great set for any player looking for a robust warm sound at an affordable price.

Q: Do these strings have a play-in time?

A: Yes, these strings require 5 minutes of playing to bring up their sound.

Q: Can I use these on an electric violin?

A: Yes, these are a great choice for electric violins and violas.


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