Natale Carletti

Exquisite violin by Natale Carletti.


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Born in 1904 in the Pieve di Cento region of Bologna, Natale Carletti was the son and pupil of esteemed maker Carlo Carletti, and studied cello at the Bologna Conservatory. Carletti started his making career at the Mozzani workshop at age 11. In 1925 and his brother Orfeo started a workshop in Bologna, where they worked for 6 years. In 1941, Natale and his youngest brother Nullo took over their fathers shop in Bologna after the death of Orfeo and Carlo. Over his lifetime, Natale won multiple gold and silver medals in national and international competitions, and made over 200 violins, 200 celli, and 20 double basses.

This violin was handmade in 1963. It has a sweet, but powerful sound that sings with ease.


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