Keith, Curtis & Clifton R31A Viola


The KCC R31 Viola is a step-up European instrument, hand-crafted with high-quality tone woods.


The KCC R31 Viola is a step-up instrument which builds on the solid foundation of the previous KCC models. The high-quality tone woods used in making this instrument have been loft-seasoned for six to seven years and allow for a definitive focus on reliability, playability, and projection, as well as aesthetics. The very fine, even-grained spruce tops and nicely flamed maple back, sides, and neck are the hallmark of the KCC R31 viola.

To enhance its sound and playability we string these violas with Dominant or Vision strings.These violas are beautiful instruments and are offered at an exceptionally good price. 

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13", 14", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5"


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