Joseph Baldantoni Violin

Antique Italian violin made by Joseph (Guiseppe) Baldantoni, in the Marche region circa 1857.


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An exquisite masterpiece of 19th century craftsmanship. This beautiful violin, circa 1857, bears the label of famed violin maker Joseph Baldantoni and is perfect both for the professional violin player or the avid collector of rare instruments.

Joseph (Giuseppe) Baldantoni born in Ancona, Italy, 1784 was an Italian violin maker, and bass player. He was from a family of weapon makers and originally worked in that profession. He first began learning violin making through repairing instruments, but he was mostly taught by examining instruments and the writings of Antonio Bagatella, specifically his “Rules for the Construction of Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Violone”, the earliest published Italian work on bowed instrument design.
Baldantoni’s instruments are made of excellent materials and have bold and precise craftsmanship, described as almost Cremonese in style. His work represents the finest 19th century violin making in the Marche region of Italy.



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