Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin Bow


Violin bow made in the Roth workshop.


Ernst Heinrich Roth started his violin-making business in 1902 together with his cousin Gustav August Ficker. Over the years, he worked in conjunction with apprentices, many of whom went on to become well-known violin makers in their own right. Soon the instruments of the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop were in demand all over Europe and abroad.
The company continued successfully until the beginning of the Third Reich. From that time onwards, the political climate prohibited the sale of fine instruments to countries unfriendly towards Nazi Germany. Ernst Heinrich Roth I died in Markneukirchen in 1948 and his son, Albert Roth, took over management of the business and relocated the business to Erlangen in West Germany. The Ernst Heinrich Roth Company is still in business today and is currently managed by Ernst Heinrich Roth III and Willhelm Roth.

This pernambuco violin bow features a lizard skin wrap, with sterling silver fittings.


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