1918 Carlo Carletti

Fine handmade violin made by Carlo Carletti for Romeo Antoniazzi.

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Born in 1873 in Pieve di Cento (Modern day Bologna), Carlo Carletti was the patriarch of the great family of makers. Initially working as a carpenter, Carlo started his career in making studying under Raffaele Fiorini, and eventually worked with other esteemed makers such as Augusto Pollastri and Ettore Sofritti. Often produced instrument in the white for Romeo Antoniazzi and  Leandro Bisiach. His legacy of making was passed onto his sons, Natale, Nullo, and Orfeo

His instruments were typically made in the pattern of Stradivarius and Gennaro Gagliano. His own personal model derived from Stradivari, was equally as successful. Carlo’s instruments were rarely labeled as his own. This violin made was made in 1918, with a label of Romeo Antoniazzi and has a gorgeous golden brown varnish.


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