1928 Amédée Dieudonné


Vintage French violin made in Mirecourt by Amédée Dieudonné. Studied under; Gustave Bazin, Hilaire Darche, and Emile Germain.


Amédée Dieudonné was born in 1890 and began studying violin making and playing at the age of 14 under Gustave Bazin. He later moved to Brussels to work under Darche, before moving again to perfect his skills under the great Parisian maker Emile Germain.
In 1920, following his service in World War 1, he chose to return to his birthplace of Mirecourt and establish his own workshop. He had such a reputation among fellow luthiers that they trusted him to help select wood and accessories for their instruments and even apprenticed their children to him. During his career, he trained twenty apprentices, several of whom were very good craftsmen that he eventually employed. Some of his apprentices were Jean Striebig, Pierre Claudot, Eugène Maucotel, and Gustave Bazin’s son René. Dieudonné produced many instruments in his workshop over 40 years, not just for himself but for many firms as well, including Wurlitzer, Blanchard, Laberte, Mangenot, Collin-Mezin and Millant. Dieudonné worked consistently through the 1950’s and passed away in 1960.


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