1905 Annibale Fagnola

Excellent example of Turinese maker Annibale Fagnola.

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The origins of Annibale are not quite exact. His start in the violin trade can probably be traced back to the workshop of Marengo-Rinaldi, the only active violin making firm in Turin at the time of his move to the area in 1894. In 1899 Fagnola would move on to open his own business, and went on to have a prosperous career in making. Notably winning medals in 1906, in both the Genoa and Milan Exhibitions, as well as a gold medal in 1911 for a quartet of instruments in Turin. By 1930 his name was recognized by top firms such as Hills and Beares in London, or Wurlitzer in New York.

The instruments of Annibale Fagnola are often modeled after some of the greats, Stradivari, Guadagnini, Pressenda and Rocca, but still used a deep red varnish to emulate that of his Turinese Predecessors. As time went on, Annibales handwork and craftmanship improved, his work becoming more precise and clean, and eventually he began to develop his own personal style. Pressenda remained a prominent influence on his work, often making his best instruments on that model. His instruments are often described as having a rich, bold tone, with wonderful response, and are often sought after by musicians and collectors alike.


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