1845 Antonio Gibertini

Exquisite violin by Italian luthier Antonio Gibertini.


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Born in Parma 1797, Antonio Gibertini was an Italian luthier known for his superior craftsmanship. Gibertini was one of the first makers in the 19th century to maintain the tradition of making after a decline in demand for new instruments in Italy, as cheaper items from France and Germany were being popularized. There have been hundreds of letters found showing often communication between Gibertini, Niccolò Paganini, and his lawyer Luigi Guglielmo Germi showing that Gibertini was responsible for evaluating, and taking care of instruments for the two. Antonio was known to never stay in the same area in Italy for long, evidence showing his travels venturing from Genoa, Palermo, Naples, and more.

This violin made in 1845, features a warm, reddish orange varnish, with an exquisite choice of tonewood, a triple purfling, and masterfully sound holes.


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