1795 Nicolas Lupot

Exquisite violin by the illustrious Nicolas Lupot


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Often referred to as the “French Stradivari” Nicolas Lupot is regarded as one of the greatest French makers to have ever lived. Nicolas was apprenticed to his father, François Lupot, who served as the royal “court lute and violin maker”. Around 1794, Nicolas started making violins for Parisian maker François Pique, then moved to Paris. Soon after, he moved to Paris, where he was appointed violin maker to the king (1815), and to the Conservatoire of Paris (1816). This latter post involved furnishing instruments (of the whole violin family) awarded to first-prize winners.

Lupot’s violins show great influence from the work of Stradivari, particularly his golden period. This particular violin exemplifies the expert handwork of Lupot and features a beautiful golden varnish.


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