10-N Violin In-home Trial


Expand Your Horizons and Discover the Possibilities Expand Your Horizons – These instruments will get student players off to a great start, open doors for intermediate and advancing players, and be your valued partner for many years. They are great instruments that exhibit moderate, clean, and bright tonal qualities.

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The NP15N violin from the shop of Nicolas Parola – pricing starts at $1,890.00. 

The NP15N is a fine, hand-crafted step-up instrument with many upgraded features that will only get better with age:

  • Loft seasoned tonewoods and fine hand-craftsmanship
  • Rich, warm powerful sound
  • A beautiful violin with highly figured maple back and sides and premium ebony fittings
  • Hand-applied antiqued varnish for beauty and exceptional tone
  • Impeccable playability

The Trista Select Violin from the shop of Stefan Petrov – pricing starts at $2,200.00. 

Trista violins are handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail from start to finish.

  • Crafted with carefully selected well-seasoned and highly figured tonewoods
  • Fine hand-craftsmanship
  • A beautiful violin with highly figured maple back and sides
  • All premium ebony fittings and accessories
  • Hand-applied antiqued  Italian oil varnish enhances beauty and tone


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