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We are in this together.

During these trying times, we are doing what we can here at Atlantic Strings to ensure a safe shopping environment for our customers. The store is sanitized at the end of the day as well as throughout the day after each customer. Each instrument that is serviced at our locations is sanitized before and after we work on it as a precautionary measure. We understand there may be some hardships at the moment because of COVID-19 and we are here to help get our customers through this difficult time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at either location.

Sanitizing Instruments

At Atlantic Strings, we understand the concerns when it comes to sanitizing your instrument. There are, however, certain ways to do this so as to not damage the instrument. We recommend starting with a dry cloth to remove any loose dust or rosin followed by a damp rag with disinfectant soap. This method can be used on the entire instrument (body, fingerboard, strings, neck, pegs and tailpiece). You want to ensure the instrument is not saturated and any remaining water is dried immediately. If you are able to determine if your instrument has a spray varnish (common in more basic model instruments), a disinfectant wipe can be used. DO NOT use wipes, cleaners or disinfectants with alcohol if your instrument has a hand applied varnish. Alcohol WILL damage the finish. Make sure you are only cleaning the body of the instrument (this includes the neck and scroll). Do not use on the bridge or strings as this can cause damage or shorten the string life. Most bows are hand varnished so soapy water and a rag should be used when cleaning. If you have a composite or carbon fiber bow, a disinfectant wipe can be used. If you are unsure or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The methods mentioned above are for disinfecting the instrument. If you are trying to clean or remove built up residue, we recommend using a good quality polish/cleaner.  Atlantic Strings uses GVC Polish/Cleaner CP134 in our shop. DO NOT scrub the instrument with disinfectant wipes as this may cause damage.