Best Violin for Beginners

Congratulations! You’re ready to purchase your first violin for yourself or your child! You will quickly see that there are many options available with a wide range of prices. How can you possibly choose the best violin? Aren’t they all the same? No!

The Difference between inexpensive violins and real musical instruments

The difference between a cheap internet violin and a well-crafted instrument are significant. It’s easy to say that purchasing the cheapest option is the way to go for a beginning violinist, but that is not true. These Violin Shaped Objects (VSOs) are not actual violins, but a toy copy of a true musical instrument. A true violin has detailed workmanship to make it function properly, many details of which are not evident to the untrained musician.

Like any toy, these VSOs do resemble the actual item, but are missing the components that make a functional instrument. Simply put, VSOs do not work as instruments! There’s no money saved, since they still need a great deal of work to coax them to play. The cost of the repairs and corrections will greatly exceed the cost of the instrument. No one wants to buy a money pit!

How lack of function impacts your success

The lack of function in a VSO leads to many issues for the beginning violinist. Regardless of dedication, instruction and practice, these cheap internet violins cannot produce a pleasing sound. They are extremely difficult to play and will not stay in tune.

Statistically, students who begin on a cheap instrument fail to learn or progress and quickly grow frustrated with the experience. They gain no pleasure from playing, since they cannot improve even with committed practice.

In a classroom setting, a “toy” instrument unfairly focuses a teacher’s attention on a single instrument, rather than on the instruction of the individual player or the group. A teacher cannot spend the class time continually tuning and adjusting one student’s instrument in an attempt to make it work.

How to achieve success and avoid failure

How do you make sure your first violin, viola, cello, or bass will help you become a musician? Have a look at this blog, which was created to give you ideas about what to look for in an instrument that will help you succeed. Another option is to complete our short questionnaire at this link < Atlantic Strings’ Instrument Questionnaire>.

Our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect entry level violin. You won’t waste your money and we can assist you in understanding the nuances of a true violin at any level, from the earliest beginner to the professional musician.

If you would like to speak with someone, call either of our stores to speak with your instrument selection guide – Melbourne = (321) 725-4161 or Orlando = (407) 898-2698 or schedule a Zoom call by clicking here


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Posted By: Atlantic Strings
Published: Aug 20, 2021

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