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We help musicians find the instrument that is right for them, online and in-store.


As a musician, you have a passion for bringing music to life and sharing it with others. Achieving this goal takes desire, commitment, perseverance and a love for your instrument. It also requires plenty of support from the people around you. Your family and friends, your teachers and peers, and even the place where you shop for instruments and accessories all make a huge difference in helping you along the way. 
At every skill level your instrument and bow have a major influence on how easy or difficult it is for you to progress and can make or break your creative experience. It can be incredibly frustrating when your instrument is difficult to play or is not producing the sound you desire.  Thankfully, we can help! Our staff of musicians and skilled luthiers are dedicated to helping you and your instrument both achieve your full potential while leaving you with a smile on your face. 


Staff - Atlantic Strings Orlando, FL
Orlando Shop Staff
When you visit Atlantic Strings, our eyes and ears work with you to ensure success with your instrument. Whether you are looking for a new instrument, or you need basic set up work or major repairs, your hopes, dreams, and aspirations mean everything to us. When your instrument leaves our shop, rest assured it meets our artistic and exacting demands. Your investment will look and sounds its best.
Our priority . . . your absolute satisfaction!
Violin Sound Post Adjustment

Beyond expert customized setups and repairs, you need to have access to exceptionally created stringed instruments that combine the finest in craftsmanship, materials, playability, and sound. To meet this need, we travel the world in pursuit of such instruments. Visit our shop. Take the unique opportunity to play instruments from places such as Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, China, and Italy. 

Stefan Petrov and Guangzhou Consortium-Violins

Whether you are a new musician just starting out, a growing musician looking for a versatile instrument along the way, or a professional seeking the perfect partner for your career – we’ll match you to the perfect instrument and bow. No matter where you are on your unique path to musical success, we are here to help guide you to a perfect fit. No compromises and nothing to hold you back. 

Let us show you what we can do to help by scheduling a Zoom meeting, requesting a home trial or scheduling an appointment in our shop.

You will be glad you did.

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Another Playing Session at Atlantic Strings