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Don’t let Covid-19 keep you or your child from advancing as a musician. Read more.

A mediocre instrument can hinder you from developing your talent.

Throughout the journey from beginner to professional musician, matching an instrument to your rapidly changing skill level can teach and inspire you. Even musicians with decades of experience are frequently astounded by the difference the right instrument can make in their playing ability.

Unfortunately, many musicians never get the chance to find out what they could do with the right instrument. When musical potential is stifled by a poor quality instrument, it discourages them from practicing and improving their technique. They often give up when what they really need is to be matched with the instrument that will unleash their potential.


Upgrading your instrument ushers in a series of revelations.

“The first time I drew the bow across the strings, I heard the sound I’d tried to make for years reverberate in the air….Ah, so that’s what that sound feels like.”

Danio Wu Violin

Meet Atlantic Strings: Your Expert Guide to Selecting the Right Instrument Online or In-store

We know how frustrating it is when your instrument inhibits your technique and constricts your tone, ultimately holding you back from experiencing your full potential as a musician.

At Atlantic Strings, we specialize in helping you select the instrument that will help you far exceed your current abilities.

Nothing is more thrilling than helping musicians experience what they can do with a quality instrument. Our staff of luthiers, restoration specialists and musicians serve as expert guides when you are ready to advance further on your musical journey.


3 Steps To Selecting The Right Instrument Online


We help you select three instruments best suited to your needs.


We ship all three instruments* to you at no charge for a 7-day, in-home trial.**


You experience the difference a quality instrument makes and choose the one that most elevates your playing.

 * Three Violins or Violas, please contact us about Cello or Bass options.

**Return shipping of remaining instrument(s) covered only with the purchase of an instrument.

Imagine how it would feel to instantly increase the artistry, nuance, and power of your playing.

“Thousands of hours in the practice room and dozens of years of violin instruction… none of it taught me what my Petrov violin has taught me.”

We travel the world to find the instrument that is right for you.

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Instrument When…

  • Your current instrument is a lesson in frustration.
  • You hit a plateau and no amount of practice makes a difference.
  • You’re trying to learn new techniques, but your instrument is holding you back.
  • You try a higher quality instrument and find difficult positions come easily.

How Musicians Feel About Atlantic Strings

“Before I played my Atlantic Strings violin, I didn’t even understand what I was capable of.”

“Atlantic Strings helped me select my new cello and the difference is astounding. I wish I’d upgraded years ago.”

“My teacher was always writing notes like ‘more tone,’ and ‘darker sound on the G string.’ My new violin from Atlantic Strings makes it effortless.”

Our 7-Day Trial

Each instrument is unique. Our at-home trial lets you make your choice worry-free.

When it comes to buying an instrument, quality will never let you down. We want you to experience first-hand the difference playing a quality instrument can make. That’s why we ship you three instruments of your choosing to try at home for 7 days, free of charge. Select the one that elevates your playing, and send the others back.

Not Sure Which 3 Instruments To Try?

Schedule a Zoom session and we’ll walk you
through the selection process.